Monday, 4 July 2011

We need to talk about the EU, eh sorry, Kevin?

One should attempt to introduce a piece with humour if possible. I did so with this piece in trying to spoof the highly successful We Need to Talk About Kevin by Lionel Shrivel. I found the novel remarkably boring when I read it some years ago but it has the virtue of having a very useful title with which one can lay the groundwork for more important matters such as the vexations upon the British, well, everything related to Brussels.

Now there has been one could say an upsurge as of late, telling the hoi polloi that our cabinet is suddenly drawn into the hellfire, the hellfire of euroscepticism with such heavy weights as Steve Hilton and Oliver Letwin, apparently, concluding that we should withdraw. I will echo the words of Mr North, of EU Referendum, who was the inspiration for starting this blog two years ago, when I say that for our dear leaders to all of a sudden reinvent their eurosceptic credentials is complete and utter bullshit. They know that they cannot run this country because they have given away all power required to do so. Though I contradict myself with a previous post, our MPs must truly be morons if they all of a sudden are not content with the status quo with which they have entangled themselves. They did this, they know what needs to be done to get out of it but with Cameron in charge with his rag-tag gang of ministers we wont be seeing any change soon.

And thus we reach the purpose of this post which hopes to have the chutzpah to come to ends with certain anomalies we face. Lets consider some likely events which will feature in future volumes of the country.
  1. Cameron will not call and EU Referendum
  2. Red Ed will most certainly step down as Labour leader
  3. Parliament will eventually have to accept the will of the people.
You might consider point number three odd given the track record of this ignominious parliament who spits in the face of its benefactors (the people) before relenting to its will. But I have faith in its worth given the vicissitudes of life meaning we live not in an isotropic world. It changes.

Now Mr North and other bloggers notably Autonomous Mind do not share my optimism with regard to the EU; I believe that within 10-15 years the UK will have left the EU for good. Their scepticism is warranted given that they have seen so much more of the leviathan that is the EU than I have, and have lived through some of the most awkward moments of our relationship with it. Which, we can conclude, has led to nothing but Pyrrhic victories for Britain and the Commonwealth. For all their faults (and sometimes they just want to make you break down and cry) I have faith in the British people.

Reverting back to point number one; Cameron will not call a referendum but will his successor? There are two men who are in a position to claim the Tory throne after Cameron, and possibly one woman. First we talk obviously of Osborne and Boris. First of all we have to accept that UKIP on current form wont be taking us anywhere near the exit. Sad but true. We have to place our hope with the Tories unfortunately and maybe, in the future, Labour.

Would George Osborne call an EU referendum? Tough question, the man must be fully aware regarding the infuriating amounts of gold we pay this pointless piece of huff-puff in return for nothing. He must know just how much money could be saved by simply withdrawing, by reinvigorating the economy, renewed fishing fleets, reinvented industries freed from Brussels red-tape, a financial services industry not subservient to the ones in France and Germany and perhaps even an art-market where we are not consistently denied competition because of EU rules. And perhaps most, there would hopefully not be any fucking carbon trading or any other bollocks like that. Wishful thinking anyway. Osborne knows the numbers but it all boils down to whether he has the backbone to do anything about it. My answer to that would be no. He likes to be part of an elite, a club for the powerful, paid for by the not so powerful. Like Cameron he has never held a real job. One should be most cautious of such people. They lack perspective of how difficult money can be to come by.

What of Boris Johnson?

At this point I couldn't be bothered to continue this post because it is pointless.


Anonymous said...

What of Boris?

1) He's not Ken Livingstone
2) He has no coherent philosophy
3) His strength is his affability

Yep, he'll fit right in.

What about Liam Fox? Assuming the Cameroons haven't finally done him in by then ...

13th Spitfire said...

I am not sure about Mr Fox. He caved in to a surprising number of EU directives once in office. Something I really did not think he would do. Hannan's law indeed. And his surprising willingness to go along with the anglo-franco defence cooperation was even more staggering. I hold no great promises for the man.

I think Theresa May however does show promise.

Chris Edwards said...

Darn, I thought this was going somewhere good but no, not that it could! perhaps the way would be for a lot of england minded people to join their local conservative club and demand real conservatives! this is a direct threat to the cushy jobs of the yes men, who would either change what they say yes to or get nasty and show their colours, either way it would work, it would take years to form a new electable party why not take one back? Look at Canada! ( I moved here 3 years ago from Cornwall) the conservatives took the liberal stronghold of Toronto by the simple idea of calling all money spent by Toronto "taxpayers" money, really screwed the entitlement brigade and boy are they bitter and showing it!

Anonymous said...

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