Sunday, 17 July 2011

Bollocked by Hague via the EU

What a joke you are, Hague. Do you not realise the exponentialisation in the number of Conservative and ex-Conservative voters who hold you in contempt and who have no intention ever of voting Tory again without the promise of a referendum on withdrawal within three months of the next election?

I have voted Conservative in every general election since my enfranchisement (several) and I would rather stay at home and see Labour burn the economy to the ground than vote for quislings like you.

You are a damned idiot. There is an electoral premium to offering voters a referendum. Do you think you are going to win our votes by telling us in a Telegraph article that we are in the EU to help spread the EU's special brand of freedom? You are ****ing deranged if you think that your pompous and delusional words will do anything but sicken the millions of right and left wing people in the UK who have no illusions about what the EU is.

Who wrote that article for you? They should be shot. Did you write it? Do you really think we are buying this bull "In the EU but not run by the EU". We are imprisoned by a myriad EU laws; your new little law is like a prisoner in a prison cell making a declaration that he will accept no further shackles on his body.

Take your article and shove it. I can barely believe how much the Conservative Party sickens me these days, though I can barely believe what a pathetic excuse for a leader you are. I thought I'd vote Tory until the day I died, but I didn't figure that spineless, gutless, delusional quislings would take over the party and fail to secure this nation's future by not having the guts to extricate us from the EU quicksand which is threatening our prosperity and freedom. Are those little red boxes really worth it, Hague? Are your dinner dates with EU friends really worth sacrificing your principles and this country, Cameron?

We should be in EFTA, not the EU, or negotiate a separate bilateral trade treaty that suits us perfectly, and then we can get on with rehabilitating our country as a Hong Kong style economic tiger on the edge of the continent. Funnily, Norway and Switzerland get by outside the EU. And you, William Hague, should go down to Beachy Head and follow the Conservatives' electoral prospects in 2015 down to where they deserve to go for so long as you ignore and deride the will of the British people to leave the European Union.

H/T Fausty


Anonymous said...

Hear Hear!
UKIP Rotherham

myqui said...

"In the EU but not run by the EU"..fucking hell William...I had no idea you held us all in so much contempt. You can't even be arsed to think of something original, something other than you and your felow, bought, politicos have been ramming down our throats for years. I doubt it would surprise you to be informed we hold you in even more contempt.

Chris Edwards said...

Personaly I blame us, I for one did not join my local party of choice, get enough of like minded people to do the same and then give the local rep his horoscope, as in get us out or we get you out! the local party members have the power but us normal folk have been too busy with life to attend to this, well I cannot now as I ran away to Canada, sorry! but that is the answer. If enough of the local party tell their man what to do and they will back him he cannot risk not doing it or he is out, bang (do correct me if Im wrong) so go on, join your local tory club and labour for that matter and talk, hardly anyone wants to pay for the EU so you will be popular, well maybe not with the MP but who cares about that parasite?

Steve M said...

Love it. "And the Nobel Prize for Blogging goes to....."

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