Sunday, 6 February 2011

Some free advice

Given that the probability that anyone with any form of influence will actually read this blog, is fairly slim. I am fairly comfortable posting my personal advice here for the benefit of politicians who think they know how the real world works.

What has been bothering me as of late is that the government is not able to put across what they really want to do. I do not really care much for their policies (the coalition's) since a) the Liberal Democrats had a hand in writing them, and I despise them as a political entity, b) the Conservative party does not seem to know what it is conserving anymore and might as well re-name itself to something more appropriate akin to the centre left/right policies it now subscribes to.

Me; I am very conservative and never went through the socialist stage which most youngsters seem destined to pass through, as a right of passage, before reaching maturity and embracing a pragmatic and grown-up outlook on the world (and realise that you cannot simply dish-out other people's hard earned money on your bullshit socialist utopia). As the old saying goes, a conservative is a liberal who just got mugged, and a liberal is a conservative who just got arrested. I have never been arrested nor mugged, when I have, I shall update you on my political credence.

But back to the main point behind this post. If you cannot communicate your vision then you will be defined by your enemies. It is a very simple concept. But it seems as if ministers are currently just trying to leave something, anything, just for the sake of changing society, but not saying why they want to change it. Why on earth sell off the forests for example? Who ever asked for that? It is not as if logging is big business in the UK (no it really is not so don't go posting some statistics saying that it is for then I will retort with a statistic from Sweden or Finland, which will dwarf any lumber figure put forth by any of my potential enemies).

It is fairly simple to get past this; formulate what the hell is wrong with the current system be it the armed forces or the NHS. And really hit home why it needs to change. Be a coward and ignore the EU at your own peril, there is still a lot of domestic policy (the EU is domestic policy now as well) which is still quite frankly shit. Noticed lately that no NHS doctors wear white coats? But in every other country in the world with an advanced medical service this is the case. Do some googling on that and you will see for what retard reason those were dropped and subsequently leading to various outbreaks of dangerous viruses. This is a minor issue though; there is a lot more which needs to be changed before the doctors get their coats back. Question is will ministers listen to the people or will they peddle on into oblivion and certain electoral defeat, lest they tell everyone what they are trying to achieve?


subrosa said...

Strangely I was discussing the white coat issue with a retired nursing friend just today (yesterday). In local hospitals here medics haven't worn protective clothing for some years now as 'they harboured germs' and 'frightened children'.

We allowed ourselves to be brainwashed with this nonsense and only have ourselves to blame. (I exclude your age group as you we just bairns). Unfortunately it's your age group who will have to struggle to reintroduce common sense into our vocabulary.

From a person of no influence. :)

13th Spitfire said...

Ah Subrosa, the stalwart of common sense if there ever was one.

A rather un-proportional part of my extended family work in the medical profession around the world. They all wear the white coats, the reason they were removed in the UK was purely political. I.e. it was complete and utter BS which motivated it.

Funny how they were not removed in operation theatres... One would have thought that they would "scare" patients there even more.

funambulist said...

A fine post, 13th Spitfire - you are a very sensible man with a wise head on your young shoulders.

I agree with all you say here, but your title made me smile:

#59: Free advice is seldom cheap. (Ferengi Rules of Acquisition)

I can always find time for a Star Trek fan!