Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Quid Pro Quo

I am not entirely sure what the political establishment is playing at but it seriously seriously needs to reconsider its act and that fast. ConservativeHome has accurately predicted that the BNP will be a major political force within the coming years. This issue has been analysed before not in the least by yours truly but by the entire machine that wishes to condone itself with a hint of political foresight.

First I think we can pretty much all agree that Tony Blair destroyed The United Kingdom of Great Britain. It is not united anymore seeing as there are now four parliaments and not one. A Blairite might be quick to point that in America they do roughly the same thing to which I would say; wake up, this is not America it is for precisely the same reason we are reserved and neither bellicose nor jingoist with regards to our flag or our troops, we are pragmatists who do not believe are politicians one bit and that is it. Americans, whether they support their President or not, follow him regardless because he is their "commander-in-cheif". This is not taking a swing at the Americans, not at all, but it is a reminder that they have their customs are we ours and ours have roots that go much deeper - after all the USA was only established in 1776, England is over a thousand years old (I know some wanker is going to point out that the Acts of Union were written in 1707, I know, but there majority of people in the UK are English).

I suppose we must congratulate Mr. Blair Scotland is indeed on the verge of independence and why would the Welsh stay when their brothers of the North have not? Really though I think he would be the kind of man that Cromwell saw of for what they did to this country, him and Mr. Brown of course. Cromwell would have had a field day with them two.

Blair also mastered the old adage of 'divide and conquer'. Uncontrolled immigration but controlled critcism of immigration - brilliant move it was labelling the conscientious citizens as BNP thugs for questioning New Labour's immigration policy. But again I think little of a man who cannot stand for public scrutiny (remember there used to be two PMQs now there is only one because Blair had one of them removed) but has to control his critics by the use of social behaviour forces - political correctness. This is how he will be remembered as well as the sorry excuse for a politician who never ever put the good of his country before the good of himself and his benefactors.

TO be continued...

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