Sunday, 3 February 2013

Sky TV, Oxford and Prisons

I was left flabbergasted and discombobulated when I read that, apparently, the inmates of HM Prisons have access to Sky TV. Not only is the government cutting down on defence, increasing foreign aid spending and destroying the party over something so irrelevant to voters, as gay marriage. They also have time to court society's wrongdoers with Sky TV.

Let me put this in perspective for you.

Here, in Oxford, where I am studying. We do not have Sky TV at my college. Some colleges do not. It is a choice, perhaps a financial choice, one that my abode chose not to indulge its students with. A sensible choice one might argue, we are all here after all to complete our doctoral thesis', not to watch TV. Perhaps the distraction of Sky TV would be so large, that no research was done at all? Regardless, the odious contrast now spitting in out face is this:

Sky TV is paid for and available to inmates of HM Prisons, but not to most students at the University of Oxford.

What does that tell you about the government's priorities.


James Higham said...

Cushy number, prison, these days - a career choice.

Ian Hills said...

Why not nick something - some books necessary to your studies, say - and complete the rest of your thesis in HM Prison Oxford?

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