Sunday, 26 February 2012

The most pathetic British Political Party: The Liberal Democrats

There was me thinking that the wretched AV referendum was the price paid for the boundary changes. The Lib Dems are, for reasons best known to themselves, determined to cement their reputation as the most duplicitous, weak-willed, and incompetent party in British politics.

Perhaps we need to occasionally remind them of this:
- despite spending an election saying they'd back the party with the most votes and seats in a hung Parliament they desperately tried to hatch a deal with Labour
- despite telling voters that tuition fees was such a priority for them it was worthy of its own pledge, when the coalition negotiations got underway they dropped it immediately in order to get a compromise on constitutional change
- despite wearing their green and rural credentials on their sleeve they didn't ask to have a Minister in Defra
- despite voting for the original Health Bill and signing off on it, they then did an about-turn when it looked unpopular
- despite getting their compromises on the Health Bill during the pause, when it was still unpopular they came out against it again
- despite agreeing to the tactics over the proposed EU treaty, when those tactics being played out resulted in a UK veto, they howled outrage

They rank alongside cowards and traitors, and they deserve nothing but the boot come the next election, thankfully the British public seems realise that as well. For that I am glad. It is a quite a feat indeed to be more incompetent, hated and to excite a feeling of disgust, in the contemporary political classes that rule this stupendous country of ours. They arouse nothing but snide remarks and general feelings of derision when spoken of, as they bloody well should. They compound the worst bits of left-wing ideology, at least Labour have some good ideas and have as of late started apologising (very slowly albeit) for their time in office as New Labour. We will never get that from the Lib Dems, they will only be happy when they have managed to drag down all that is good in these lands to their mediocre average level.

One simply asks, is there any pro-British matter that Clegg is in favour of? It appears that he is hellbent on destroying the validity of every traditional British institution and mostly in favour of EU institutions.

There are pejorative words for such people.


WitteringsfromWitney said...

Tsk, tsk. In your heading you omitted the Labour Party and the Conservative Party!

Whilst accepting your criticisms of the LibDems, did not the Conservative Party also drop core policies?

All three were hell-bent on gaining power and their last thought was the electorate!

13th Spitfire said...

I agree with your remarks, Labour and the Tories are not much better HOWEVER for what they are, they at least seem to believe that their policies will make something better. The Lib Dems just want to make everything worse so that everyone can be on their level.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

13th, they may believe their policies will make things better, but has not history shown them that previous efforts have failed? So why do they continue to 'tinker'? And where is the 'demos' for the implimentation of their ideas? What is offered in manifestos bears no relation to what they finally do. And where they legislate on matters de jour which were not in their manifesto? Democratised dictatorship?

James Higham said...

Most of them are pretty bad but I'd agree these are the worst.

agricultural investments said...

Pretty much all of them are bad, but I'd put the Lib Dems right up there at the top. At least I have some idea - however vague - of what Tory and Labor stand for, but have no bloody idea what the purpose of the Lib Dems is.

13th Spitfire said...

Well they are hyper socialists with principles that can be bought by the right interest group - whichever entrenches their power more.

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