Thursday, 3 March 2011

Advice for the EU Referendum campaign

It is now becoming increasingly clear even to the people outside of London, that we must leave the EU or we will be consumed into it. Some people like this and some don't I and many others are part of the latter community. However there needs to be a more concerted effort to make people join the campaign for the EU referendum. We have already seen the Daily Express putting on a valiant cape of defiance when it delivered more than 350,000+ pieces of opinions to Nr. 10 saying that we bloody well should have a referendum on the leviathan that now controls our lives more than the local police.

The insurance industry is the latest clique to have been assaulted by the EU preceded by doctors, fishers, nurses, bankers etcetera. What needs to be done by the campaigners is fairly simple. They must, nay need to, capitalise on the sudden outburst of fury that inevitably will strike into the minds of senior management and directors. There is blatant fury within the banking industry as a result of the EU takeover, but they cannot speak out for fear of being seen as 'anti-Europe' the same story goes for every other sector which is being increasingly regulated by the EU and not Parliament and its constituent bodies.

Send out emails to all sectors, mangers, directors and even the workers. Go there and inform them very simply what needs to be done, and why they should lend their support and their funds. I hear the campaign is amassing thousands of new signature every weeks so it is doing well already. Make sure that they know that there is a concerted effort to have a referendum. The government can ignore the people now but once the numbers start piling on and we are reaching figures of millions who want a referendum then it will be hard to ignore the masses. It is obvious that there will be a bust up over Europe sooner or later and the government needs to choose a side fairly soon, and pray that they choose the right one. It will be a nasty day indeed when they stand apart from their own people and stand against them. The latter will not be forgiving to say the least.

My own impression is that many people feel there's nothing they can do about the EU so they'd rather not think about it. They may even resent being reminded about it, because to remind them of the extent to which their country and their lives are now subject to EU rule is to remind them of their own impotence. I would include a fair number of MPs among those people who've simply given up in the face of main party leaderships which are united in their conviction that the British people should not be permitted to govern their own country and their determination to prevent that ever happening.



James Higham said...

In the end, 13th Spitfire, it will be hip pocket which determines the outcome or the threat of loss of votes although the latter is becoming increasingly irrelevant.

the doctor said...

Dear Spitfire . A good post and so well meant , however I should point out that Cameron has already chosen sides . Dave and his government are wholly owned by the E.U. and hell will freeze over before you will get a freely given referendum .

13th Spitfire said...

Oh no I am fully aware which side this government is on, and most likely the next on as well. I spoke of the 'government' in a more general sense - they will surely realise that "we" will not stand for this as time moves on.

cosmic said...

The EU has been a subtle sell. It's a benefit club for politicians and bureaucrats, so they've been long bought. It hasn't seemed to affect anyone much directly, although that's changing. The groups it has affected such as fishermen have never joined up. The things it does seem to come from the UK government and the UK government has been one of the keenest promoters of it. It certainly isn't a purely a case of a foreign government pushing us around, our own people are helping drive it, and for their reasons, not ours. The process by which it works has been described as 'hollowing out', the UK parliament exists and appears to function as it always did, but it's largely a sham.

At the Euro elections it's in focus and there's a considerable Eurowithdrawalist vote. At general elections apparently local questions, tribal voting and voting for the least bad option likely to gain seats, are predominant.

While we continue to vote slavishly for one of the Lib/Lab/Con variations on the same theme or don't vote, we'll get the same thing. Vote same old same old, get same old same old, the same old same old being available in blue, orange and red livery.

There are some indications it's changing slowly, but the longer it goes on, the greater the problems will be.