Tuesday, 11 January 2011

It is now tomorrow

It is now tomorrow and it would appear that my prediction, below, was obviously right (how could it not have been?); the government will sail through the EU Bill.

It is odd this predicament we are in yet again, for we have been here before. Whenever the EU comes up for debate in one form or another in parliament we think 'ahh this is the one, the fight back starts now with the this bill, where we tell Brussels to go to hell'. But it never materialises. Now, I have only been doing this i.e. venting my frustrations online for the benefit of other people, for a fairly short period of time and the EU only started to really catch my attention a few years ago when I was still a teenager. But I can but imagine how fatalistic some people twice my age must feel on this issue, where Britain has caved in for 39 consecutive years.

It is strange. How can one not be cynical about the past, present and future British government when the track-record of all of them, is absolutely abhorrent? What is even stranger are those people who cling on to some kind of hope that just once, just this one time, the British Parliament will stand up to the EU and Brussels. But that just never happens does it? Personally I am slowly coming to the understanding that Parliament wont sort this mess out, and we wont stop banging on about the EU because it has never been fixed ergo we have to bang-on about it until it is fixed. But Parliament has no intention whatsoever to that end. They are happy with the current oligarchy which dresses up as democracy.

Most people probably never expected their MPs to actually represent them anyway, given that most people despise the EU, want immigration slashed, want money invested in the armed forces etcetera, they just join in for the merriment that is our charade-exercise in democracy called elections. The really interesting thing is what those at the top will do when presented with a big bag of paper bits, one million or more of those bits. Each bit of paper has a name on it, and each bit of paper represents a view and an opinion. It is a uniform opinion. Each piece of paper represents a person and that person is calling for our membership of the EU to be put to a plebiscite.

But what if they say no?

(Ministers should do their history; what always happens when you consistently ignore the wishes of the people.)

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